Catching Jordan

Author: Miranda Kenneally

Pages: 281

ISBN: 978-1-4022-6227-2

Series: Hundred Oaks #1

Genre: Contemporary

Jordan’s life is almost perfect, quarterback of her high school football team and respected by her teammates, until Ty turns her life upside down. When he transfers to Hundred Oaks, he also becomes part of the football team and for the first time, Jordan has a hard time concentrating on the sport.

For all other players she is just one of them and that’s how she sees herself as well but in Ty she, for the first time, sees more than a player. Struggling to get her feelings under control and not to blow her chances for a college scholarship, she tries to focus on the game. But when everyone encourages her to go for it, her whole life is changing dramatically.

On top of all that, she desperately wants her father, a famous NFL player, to finally acknowledge and respect her love for football and be as supportive of her as he is for her brother. With all this going on, she has to fight hard to accomplish her dream of playing ball but not losing out on her last year of high school.


Well, sometimes I just need an easy and quick read. That this was about sport and the football star being a girl did make it even more appealing to me.

I love the characters in this book as most of them have more to them than is first let on. Jordan loves football and never had the need for girlfriends but when she develops feelings for a guy she realises that it is not really easy to talk to guys about certain topics. Ty has a story that makes him act the way he does and throughout the book the author reveals more and more about his background. And they are not the only ones as the other important protagonists are not necessarily who they seem to be as well.

Sure, the story is not the deepest ever but there are some nice messages for the reader like chasing your dream and sticking to principles is something worth doing but accepting help and advice form the people near to you is sometimes equally important. In the end, the outcome is somewhat predictable but I like the way the author gets to this point. Especially because the whole plot seems plausible considering the initial situation of the book. Even though this might not be a situation from real life, I love that Jordan is a girl but still chases her dream of playing football. This can stand for so much more as girls are sometimes not taken seriously because of what they are doing (This certainly does also apply to boys). I know this first-hand from studying in a men dominated field (physics) but this does not mean that I was worse or less intelligent then the guys. We should all follow our dreams and let nobody take that away from us.

The best thing for me though was the humour, there were some great one liners and funny situation. And the boldness and sassiness and the interaction between the characters. More than once I was cracking up or going ‘wow, she really just said that’ and ‘I want to come up with responses and phrases like that as well’. Just in general the protagonists have a great personality when it comes to humour and this made it a perfect summer read.

All in all, everything was perfect and I finished the book in one afternoon/evening. In fact, I did not want the story to end but hear more about the characters and their life yet at the same time I liked the ending a lot, it was really nicely done.

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